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A Brief History of Gothic House

Gothic House is located in the historic quarter of the Lace Market Nottingham. Construction started on the building in 1880 and was completed in 1885.


Having originally been built for the Thorpe family, the building was used to house vast quanitites of lace produced in the mills of Derbyshire and Nottingham. The lace was then sold on to agents from London and beyond. 

The building was then occupied by the government during the second world war  for the storage of army uniforms which were produced in local factories. 

Circa 1950 the premises were taken over by the Head Office of the CEGB Electricity Board  who speant a great deal of money updating the ground floor entrance interior and boardroom, which both still exist today. 

The owners at this time were The United Friendly Insurance Co. who were asked for a 21 year lease by the CEGB, the quote was too much  the CEGB left and the building fell into disrepair. 

Colin Watkin then purchased the building in 1978, fixed the building up and ran it as a successful business centre for many years. 


ZMU Limited purchased the building in April 2015 and has been modernizing and renovating the building ever since. 

Why don't you come have a look!

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